Saturday, March 19, 2011

You're late you're late for a very important date!

Hey, this is me and my friend Ashley dressing up for muck up photos for year 12 of 2011! Alice in wonderland and Queen of hearts, it was pretty fun getting dressed up but a bit of a let down getting changed after only about half an hour of wearing the actual costume, oh well it will stuff fun seeing everyone all dressed up. This just makes me even more excited for muck up week at the end of the year, ohhh how I love year 12! It is so good compared to any other year, except the work load is a big overwhelming like right now i'm struggleing I have so much to do, and yet i'm here? yes that confuses me aswel, okay we'll i've been working all day and it's just so damn boring and I don't like sitting here all day typing stupid stuff about school, it's so depressing. I can't wait for this all to be over and have a real life, finally. Anyways, I think thats enough rambling about whatever I just spoke about, somehow I started talking about muck up photos and turned to the subject of school work? ohh, don't ask me. That's all, for now :)