Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art is your imagination running wild

I wish that I had the ability to draw, I can't draw one picture for any length of time it would take to make anything remotely realistic. This drawing of a girl, is so amazing, among the amazing photography of the drawing. I wish I had these sort of talents, but I don't. I try to draw, and get fustraited because it takes so damn long, and it won't even look good.

For my body of work it's hard because I can't focus on drawing or painting, because I sinply suck at it, and anything I did which would be the best I could do, wouldn't score me very good marks. I'm envious of people when I see their amazing art, I love art, I love looking at it, I love creating things. It's just so fun, I guess I just wish I had the skills, but what can you do? Right.